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All the charges stemmed from acts of alleged inappropriate sexual touching and contact with two minor females.

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The curators kept looking at their watches as I pored over the items they brought me; that is, between their bouts of boyish tittering.

The last batch was not as thematically coherent as those previous.

Nobody is more relieved than he is; you know that, in fact, he was an elected representative of one of the political parties and a member of the National Assembly; this was in fact a very sensational matter that had made the news, so I know that he feels that finally, the matter is now behind him.

And he can – I think he was thinking of calling a press conference; he wanted to take advantage of the fact that he could speak to all of those people who had supported him and had kept him strong going along, the terrible onslaught of what happens in a small society like ours where politics is mixed into anything.” Reporter “Ultimately the family made the decision to originally pursue this and have now decided to discontinue; would that leave them – I don’t know – but would that leave them to possible malicious prosecution…” On the Phone: Richard “Dickie” Bradley “No, no, that would not arise, because what is involved is that in fact, the prosecutors would have been acting based on some information. Fast forward to this last day of October, when it was announced in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court that the charges would not proceed, at the request of the family of the minors.News Five reached Doctor Mendez’s attorney, Richard “Dickie” Bradley, this evening and he details what happened and where Mendez proceeds from here.He was charged with six counts of aggravated assault of an indecent nature in February of 2015, a few months after deciding not to seek re-election in his Orange Walk East constituency.In August, a charge of carnal knowledge, as it was then known, was added.The Acme Cards ‘Diamond Beaus' Series With the Great Depression at its height, the Acme Card Company was desperate for new revenue streams.