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Our trained counselors will provide immediate assistance and can also help you make a plan to get further support from other services and programs.A child who used to play often with friends may now spend most of the time alone and without interests.Things that were once fun now bring little joy to the depressed child.Children and adolescents who are depressed may say they want to be dead or may talk about suicide.Research shows that when we are pleased with something / someone, we tell between 0-2 people. So, in that case, for every 20 results, approx 1-2 would be positive.

Good luck if you choose to go ahead with it - let us know how you get on.If, as a parent, you are yourself overwhelmed and feel that you are facing a crisis because of a problem with your child, you are also encouraged to call us and get the support you need.We believe that there is no fixed definition of an emergency — if it feels like a crisis to you, we urge you to call us at 1-855-201-2121.You will record a short message which is meant to be a greeting and short brief introduction about you and what you are looking for.Then you will be able to listen to other singles’ greetings and leave messages or to call the ones you like.hello, im currently working for text 121 and i have been for the past 2 months, i got paid last week and everything went through fine, fair enough you have to do 2000 texts a month but i have a 4 yr old son and i work full time and i manage it just fine.