Are katie couric perlin dating

They were dating when Jessica discovered John was seeing Katie behind her back.

was first to report the couple's happy news.)"Yes it's true!

I've had long-term relationships, but they haven't turned into life-long partners."Prior to meeting Molner, Couric was romantically linked to TV producer Tom Werner and financier Brooks Perlin.

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"He's incredibly kind, caring and sensitive," Couric said of Perlin."He challenges me in ways I wouldn't be challenged otherwise." "Even if we are not on the same page all the time, I like being in his space," she added.'Jessica and John loved each other,' the source said.'He was even talking about buying an apartment for them in New York.After the loss of her husband, Couric did hope—and expect—to find love again.

"It's actually surprising to me that it has been almost 15 years and I haven't remarried.she traced her patrilineal ancestry back to a French orphan who immigrated to the U. in the 19th century and became a broker in the cotton business.Couric attended Arlington Public Schools: Jamestown Elementary, Williamsburg Middle School, and Yorktown High School the University of Virginia, in 1975 and was a Delta Delta Delta sorority sister."I want to be a thoughtful, loving person to him in every way." Couric is aware the relationship raises eyebrows, mostly because of the 17 years that separate their ages."I've been called all kinds of things," she admitted."I've been ‘cougared,' which was just obnoxious." "But if it's good enough for Demi, right? And like Demi Moore and her much-younger husband Ashton Kutcher, Couric and Perlin couldn't escape photographers' long lenses when they vacationed together recently.