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If she is so concerned with humanity, why wasn’t she aware of the BDS call then?Her tweet from February 9, asking her fans to “find a show in Ramallah for the people of Palestine” just goes to show how little she knows or cares about the Palestinian Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement, since they do not recognize the gesture of parallel shows in Israel and Palestine as some kind of “balance” or compensation but rather as simply furthering normalization with Israel.

So when I turned that on: ' Oh, that sounds cool.' So I press 'record.'" From there, she recruited engineer Philippe Zdar – who has worked with Phoenix and the Beastie Boys – and created the most fully realized arrangements of her career, playing most instruments herself.

The album's most emotional track, the nearly 11-minute "Nothin' but Time," guest-stars Iggy Pop (she asked David Bowie first) and was written for a friend's bullied teenage daughter.

By canceling her show in Tel Aviv at the last minute (it was scheduled for this Sunday, February 12) she has joined a group of musicians who are guided by hypocrisy, ignorance and vanity.

Any artist who books a show in Israel and starts selling tickets should know from the get-go that they have done so in a place that is and has been controversial for a long time.

but now, I feel differently cause, when I do interviews, I’m always southern, cause I’m always asked where I’m from. I’m going to be southern very soon; I’m thinking about moving again somewhere else in march or april. I already went to portland but I didn’t like its rainy season. I could go back to georgia, but I want to live outside in the country somewhere. I’m always a nervous wreck and I’m always freaking out.

it seems like everyone I talk to I’m always saying “I’m sorry” to cause inside my head I’m thinking I’m going insane and I can’t really express that so I just say I’m sorry.However, this has been far from successful (not even with Roger Waters, who now supports BDS).chan: there’s a lot of them: “what’s your main influence?Then came the polished 2006 album The Greatest, a near-bankrupting of her label by hiring the cream of Memphis soul musicians, and a breakdown.Two years later she became a muse to Chanel’s designer Karl Lagerfeld, an experience that may have shaped the lacklustre pop of the 2012 release Sun."It's more about, like, actually me really composing an album than anybody I'm dating," she says.