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Straight girls don't go around making out with their guy friends. Luckily, I have met numerous girls who can commiserate.

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And if you’re a bisexual woman or non-binary person who experiences misogyny, I’m writing this especially for you.

Many of these myths affect bisexual people of all genders, but their patriarchal roots have a specific impact on women and other people who are pushed into society’s idea of what a woman is “supposed” to be.

To clear up the myths, here's what actually true and what's certainly not — the "facts." Bisexuals, especially bisexual women, are often sexualized: We're good for a romp in the sack, the logic goes, but not good enough to take home to the parents.

The sexualization stems from visualizing bisexuality not as a sexual identity on par with heterosexuality or homosexuality but as a sex act.

Your role in the dating world for straight men is now as a fetishized object.

There’s a persistent myth that bisexual women will cheat on lesbian women, most often with men.

Messages all around us say that we must be lying or that we deserved what happened to us.

We don’t know who of our loved ones we can trust to support us, and who will just make things worse by judging us.

But bisexuality is a legitimate sexual identity, and being bisexual doesn't mean that person is incapable of being in a committed relationship.

There may be other things about your bi partner that may make them undateable. Being attracted to multiple genders allows bisexuals to be attracted to individuals for far more than just their physical appearance.

(Well, that and "I'm still living in my parent's basement.") That fear often stems from a misunderstanding of what it means to be bisexual.