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Nia Daniati (born April 17, 1964) is an Indonesian singer and actress.

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The families on both sides of the North and South Korean border also have been dreaming of such an event, and the breaking of the Berlin Wall thus re-ignited these dreams held by families on both sides of the 38th parallel border that divides North and South Korea.

Then in the year 2000, the President of South Korea, Kim Tae-Jung, affectionately known as T.

So, maghrib kitaorang gerak, dia ajak aku gi jenjalan. Tapi dalam perjalanan, dia nak gi tandas, lalu aku berhenti kat sebuah stesen caltex kecik. Aku tunggu dia depan pintu tandas, memang takde org, pas dia siap, aku tahan dia dpn pintu tandas, aku masuk dan suh dia bukak zip dia sekejap.

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J., met with the President of North Korea, Kim Jong-Il.

Through their talks, a handful of families that had not had contact in over 50 years were finally able to meet, the North and South Korean Olympic teams walked together as one team under a flag that showed a map of the two countries together (though they competed separately) during the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, and President Kim Tae-Jung won the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Hari tu aku berjaya berkenalan dengan seorang bini orang yg gedik. Dia ni memang sedap pasal aku dapat pancut air benih aku kat dalam farajnya.

When teenagers in South Korea watch the news on TV, they might see two different maps of their country when the weather comes on.

One map might show just South Korea, indicating temperatures and forecasts for various towns and cities located in the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, roughly the section of land that comes below 38 degrees north latitude.

The two Koreas have officially been at war since 1950, although there has rarely been any shooting since 1953. Nevertheless, as Korean teenagers enter this period in history, this map symbolizes perhaps the most optimistic time in Korean history in over 100 years.