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Some of it is on the quirky things in life, some on our travels, and some is just my opinion on the political world. I haven’t ranted about the idiocracy in charge for many a moon.

Perhaps it is because I seem to go into a stupor anytime Smirky (or one of his minions) opens his mouth.

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She also takes care of her daughter, Reba, and granddaughter, Hagar. Traumatized by seeing his father murdered during a skirmish over the family farm, Macon Jr. In the process, he has become an emotionally dead slumlord.

His stony heart softens only when he reminisces about his childhood.

Macon Jr.’s stories about his childhood help fuel Milkman’s investigation into the history of the Dead family. Having grown up in poverty after his father was killed in a factory accident, Guitar harbors a lifelong hatred for white people, whom he sees as responsible for all evil in the world.