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A couple hours later, my Twitter account started exploding with notifications. I spent a total of ten seconds thinking it up and writing it, and then 24 hours being crushed by an avalanche of RTs, favs, and replies from hundreds of fanatical teenage girls.Lauren Jauregui, the Fifth Harmony member who had started the hashtag for her fans to ask her questions about her life, had retweeted me and replied, “lmfaoo.” And her 681,239 followers? Many of them responded with laughter to match the other Lauren’s: Many of them responded by begging the other Lauren to follow them: Some were a little jealous: And a bunch—a buuuuunch—apparently thought that I genuinely believed the hashtag was for me: And I couldn’t even give them shit about it because they were children half my age! Then these started: But joke’s on everyone except me, because my grandma is from Brazil and I speak Portuguese. Or, I mean, at least I can write it well enough that people basically understand what I’m trying to say.

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On the day of Jordi's operation, Jordi was wheeled to the operation theater.Halfway through, he asked the doctor if he was allowed to do something first. My comprehensive coaching program, Love U, is six months. You and I will be starting a new love life from scratch, not trying to save your broken relationship with a toxic commitmentphobe. So, since 2010, I’ve worked exclusively with smart women who want to understand men and find love. As much as I’d like to wave my magic wand and hand you a life partner, coaching is a process. Sometimes the difference between despair and success is just one piece of information, one shift in perspective that alters your entire life. Attracting and keeping a healthy partner doesn’t happen in one 50-minute phone session.And that, friends, is the story of how I came to translate a piece of Fifth Harmony gossip into Portuguese for a fifteen-year-old Brazilian fan, and then I had to try to explain what the phrase “the N-word” meant as if I were back in one of those circumlocution lessons in high-school Spanish class, and I think we all learned a lesson that day about tolerance and extreme awkwardness.

ANYWAY, the weirdest part of all this was not the bizarre influx of communication with a bunch of people I’d never have interacted with otherwise, nor was it my oddly defensive emotional reaction to being made fun of by ninth-graders.

Leo is also seen jealous when he sees that Emma and Jordi are getting along.

Later in the episode, Leo gives Emma a Red Band, along with the rest of the group. Jordi was there when she realized and he had promised her to get her a new one.

January 2016: Kylie and Tyga are spotted out amidst breakup rumors The two went to the movies together just days after reports claimed that Tyga had been cheating on Kylie with a Brazilian model, according to ET.

January 2016: Tyga is accused of cheating on Kylie with a Brazilian model Brazilian model Annalu Cardoso told Us Weekly that Tyga cheated on Kylie with her.

When Leo and Dash arrive late to class, Emma is already there, and they poke at each other illnesses.