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To this end, we talked with four models from one of North America’s most successful–and largest–event staffing and modelling agencies, Girls of Glam: Clara-Ann Ruiz, Tamara Jemuovic, Hayley Marie, and Girls of Glam CEO Jennifer.

In reality, we could turn this into an insanely good series (we may yet, as the interviews keep coming in! But for now, you’ll have to make do with the gold these four stunning ladies shared with us. Event and promotional models whose stock in trade is looking awesome and being friendly, but who have to suffer all the slings and arrows of rooms full of corporate dudes in suits and car show guys in dirty jeans; mashers with cheesy pickup lines; lazy guys who don’t know how to keep a relationship interesting.

But for real, I waded into the episode at least appreciating a couple of things from that first scene — I appreciated Kara not being framed by the narrative as getting punished for having sex.

Tamara: It was raining and we were standing outside one evening.He looked up and said, “this is such a movie moment,” and I started laughing.So I really did say to myself that I was going to give the relationship a shot to win me over. Katie: The very first thing Kara asks Mon-El to do is to not tell anyone that they’re dating. Why do they keep having him learn the same lessons over and over and act as though it’s new information each time? Plus, episode, they have him learn a lesson and then seem to understand what the deal is.He’s confused why, and she explains her reasoning and he agrees. It seems like every episode that he’s been in has been that same trope of, “he doesn’t listen/now he gets it.” I guess they could be trying to make some kind of point about him being really slow to get really simple concepts about personal interactions and relationships on Earth, but it’s not like he’s from an alien culture that didn’t have civilization and culture. It’s as though the writers missed writing those “trying to figure things out” episodes that Kara went through in the first season, and said, “Let’s have someone we can do those with again.” Katie: You know how easy it would have been to fix this?Of course, the Women We Love feature interviews do this all the time, especially with regard to questions on motivation, success, and naturally dating and attraction (hell, we released a whole ezine on it just two weeks ago…check it out here).

But we decided to take it one step further with our New You Issue, and bring you some real meat on the subject.If you would like to learn how to approach, meet and attract women, step-by step in real-life situations so you are then able to start dating lots of women or stop and get a loving girlfriend, then this might be the most exciting message you ever read! Well, to start with – I didn’t know how what to say to start a good conversation with a woman, let alone continue the conversation, spark attraction, flirt, genuinely connect and then ‘move things forward’. Meaning that most women would see me a potential friend (if that! If I did manage to get an interaction going with a woman, my body language sometimes displayed nervousness (e.g. I was working in a good management job, I dressed fairly well, had a few good friends and drove a decent car…but, I still struggled to get a girlfriend! I’d head out into social situations, like bars and clubs, and just stand there getting drunk with mates, ‘checking out’ women and talking about ‘What ifs.’ Why? As you can imagine, that lifestyle completely sucked! Well, unfortunately I used to be what some women would refer to as a nice guy.I was surprised by his uncharacteristic request to date other women as he felt once a week wasn’t enough time to build momentum between us.I told him I was happy to have met him and that we shared a connection, but wouldn’t be open to the idea of other people and cut things off. However, I understand my lack of availability may be a big issue for anyone.Welcome to Supergirl Talk, our regular feature breaking down the highs and lows of The CW’s Supergirl TV show starring Melissa Benoist in the super smiling title role.