Does rocsi and terrence dating

[Click here to see what had happented] It was like watching 2 pigeons peck the shit out of each other in the gutter while waiting for the bus. Instead of pinching and bargaining like Sesame Street’s target audience (pre-schoolers and stoners) Terrence should have just been straight forward and said: Oh, I’m just fooling.

You could be doing anything else (reading the bus schedule, listening to The Game), but you’re then. We all know Terrence doesn’t have that kind of backbone.

They were married for 16 years and divorced in 2003.

Have DJ Khaled spin that day just to make it extra annoying.

Rocsi Diaz, co-host of BET’s ‘106 & Park,’ has finally addressed the incident that lead to Baton Rouge, La. In a recent interview with NBC’s Peter Bailey, the 28-year-old Honduras-born, New Orleans-repping television personality discussed Webbie’s October appearance, during which the rapper allegedly sexually harassed her, incurring a permanent banning from BET. I have thick skin, but when you are at your job and somebody sexually harasses you in a manner that is very vulgar and disgusting, I have no shame of sticking up for myself,” Rocsi explained.

So now Joe seems to be dating Rocsi while vacationing in Bora Bora.

Check out the pics and see for yourself along with 5 other entertainers that Rocsi’s dated.

“It was really inappropriate, it’s really sad and I just hope that he understands it,” she said. It’s been more of an upsetting incident [for Webbie] because he can’t be on BET.” While Rocsi revealed that the rapper’s management did call and attempt to make amends, Webbie not only failed to admit his misconduct, he repeatedly threatened her co-host, Terrence J, with whom he claims she is romantically involved.

“I love his music, but to have someone that you were a genuine fan of …“His management and everybody has reached out and been super duper nice and they reached out to me and they apologized. I think if you You Tube him, you can see other interviews where he’s been very inappropriate.” The drama surrounding Webbie comes at a time when he is currently promoting his new album ‘Savage Life 3.’ Read The Boom Box’s exclusive interview with the rapper here.hosts Terrence J and Rosci Diaz have officially announced they are leaving the network. She’s dated from young to old, including Eddie Murphy, Bruno Mars, Terrance J, 50Cent and many more. We say allegedly because both Joe and Rocsi are subliminally posting pics in the same location with the same hashtags.It seems she is an aggressive dater, and some folks have said that she’s even a home wrecker.“I’m at work, we’re on a set, there’s children around us.