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head writer and hip-hop specialist Nathan Rabin recently decided to spend a year or two immersing himself in the canon of country music, a genre he knew little about, but was keen to explore.

The result: “Nashville Or Bust,” a series of essays about seminal country artists.

Fonda, the consummate actress, may be slightly exaggerating here, but it's easy to see what she means. Um, yeah, but for some reason I just can't seem to do it. (laughs) Somebody said the people who don't get married are can't get married people.

I don’t write from the standpoint of it being a journal of my personal life, or anyone else’s, either.It’s usually a composite of observation, personal emotion, referenced emotions, and other people’s lives, combined with that of my own.was with Warner Nashville, where I had been most of my career, technically,” the singer says of his 2012 full-length, studio album No. “It always felt like, in part, I was based with the Burbank division because I was living in Los Angeles and did all my art work there.” Indeed, Yoakam's affiliation with southern California goes back to the "Cow Punk" scene with which he was affiliated long before his cover of Johnny Horton’s “Honky Tonk Man” made him a radio favorite in 1986.And while Yoakam, 58, says there are some similarities between his new work and the sound of his formative years, he stresses that, "It’s not specific in terms of reference to the sonic or the material, but rather the intent." Cow Punk came along, he explains, "because there were former punk musicians associated with it.But in the age of Urban Cowboy and Kenny Rogers, Yoakam’s Bakersfield minimalism was undeniably out of fashion among the bigwigs who ran Music City.

Like Willie Nelson and countless iconoclasts before him, Yoakam didn’t change with the times or chase trends.Dressed casually in a dark blue skirt and top, and wearing a minimum of make-up, the 37-year-old actress looks far younger than her years, and exudes a healthy, California glow. But looks can be deceiving, for Bridget has a secret affliction. But she has become one of Hollywood’s great survivors.At 54 she is now with a man half her age – 27-year-old Argentinian model Martin Mica – yet has been happily photographed minus make-up as part of her wish to show that older women can be desirable.No, they're not the result of getting knocked about in her new film, Kiss of the Dragon (2001), a fast-paced martial arts thriller in which she stars as a junkie-prostitute opposite Jet Li.