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:'DScripts Super DAmn | DAmn Colors | DAmn Goodies | d Amn Notifications: d Alert | d Amn Theme EDIT- forgot to add something, fixed..Cria's Wiki: [link]Cria d Amn Chat Client Pro on Google Play: [link]Cria d Amn Chat Client LITE on Google Play: [link]More Screen Shots: [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]Cria d Amn Chat Client LITE and Pro (for Android) has been released! Features of each can be found on it's respective Google Play download page. I will do my best to fix the bug with the details you have sent me.

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I would love to meet more members that way if not i'll just stick to notes and skype. I personally doesn't like it much that you can't click and go directly to people's accounts and find their characters and so on..

also it have to be opened in a new tab in stead of just a tab in the d A chat..

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it's a bit discouraging to see it's in such bad shape(though I doubt it's bad enough to close...

I'd be willing to help watch over it if I get in)Whatever you guys do, I hope it will be back up soon...

Due to the file growing drastically in size with TV Paint, I decided to resume back to Animate as im far more experienced with the program and I can put the entire animation in one project instead of like 10.---OFFICIAL TWITTER ACCOUNT !! WE HAVE A PROGRESS BAR ON THE FRONT PAGE!


I tried it and it seems to have a limit on the number of people that can be in there at a time.

Also I was wondering if it would be possible to make a lit rp chat for members since everyone only seemed to script rp in that one. Personally I can't keep up with rp if there isn't order. If the the lit rp chat is a possibiliy that would be great.

If you find a bug, I ask that you please press 'send feedback' from the room list's menu, and send me details about the bug you encountered.