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Open source freeware, available for Mac OS X and i OS. They’ve been around since 2004 or so, and have grown from a lightweight client into a stable, full-featured one that supports not just IRC but also SILC and ICB.

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Upon investigating, the IT admin discovered a hidden file, which ultimately turned out to be responsible for the suspicious traffic.At the time of discovery, the file was not recognized by Virus Total as malware, but found its way to several anti-virus companies, Intego included. Intego analyzed the file, outlined how it functioned and what it was capable of, but without knowing how the Mac was infected, or when it was infected, and because the sample appeared to no longer function, Intego updated its Mac anti-virus malware database but opted not report on it.Your cam will appear in a separate window and a flashing red dot in the lower left corner. If your cam does not work for any reason, please read the instructions here or visit us in #Techsupport, listed under “JMeeting rooms”.Once you start broadcasting, a window will open that shows what your camera is sending.The Favorites feature is only available with a JMeeting subscription.

If you want to start your webcam, just doubleclick on “Broadcaster”, then doubleclick again on “Start broadcaster”.

Two weeks ago, the Intego team analyzed a malware sample that was discovered by a university IT admin.

The malware was discovered as their network security team noticed some strange traffic on the network originating from a Mac Pro.

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After you have logged into JMeeting, you will see the JMeeting applet on the left side of your screen.