Holly willoughby dating

Once the picker has finished grilling the parents, they make their decision.

The presenter said: “I love dating shows and I’ve told Paddy that if Take Me Out wasn’t his show, I’d love to do it.“I love, love, love Take Me Out!

I’m always drawn to anything about romance, like Love Island – it’s a personal favourite.”However, the This Morning host is going to be busy as she has landed her own new dating show.

By the time she met his parents, she knew all his naughty secrets. ”Asked how she felt about the show’s clash with Strictly, she added: “If you’re on Saturday night primetime you’re always going to be up against something big.”___________________________________________ The telly favourite says if she were single and looking for a fella, she would be terrified about using mobile phone apps like Tinder and Plenty Of Fish to find a man. ”___________________________________________ Mum-of-three Holly is still shocked that people call her “a national treasure”.

Well the point of the show is the 'picker' can't see her potential match, so they ask questions about their personality and appearance.

Will they have made the right decision as they head straight from the studio to the date hopefully hand in hand?

Their long-standing friendship is one of the most iconic in showbiz.

And Holly Willoughby was feeling reflective of her union with Fearne Cotton as they sat down for a chat on Tuesday morning's episode of Lorraine while wowing audiences with a very retro throwback.

The pals watched a clip from their 2007 show Holly & Fearne Go Dating, in which they paired up couples in Hell's Kitchen restaurant although they admitted to drinking during filming.

In their quest to find love, nothing is off limits, as the picker looking for romance gets to ask their potential suitors’ parents anything.

Mum and dad then get busy spilling the beans, on everything from their off-spring’s relationship history and grooming habits, to questionable celebrity crushes and cringe-worthy childhood stories.

Not surprisingly, the parents spill the beans – including telling all about old romances, bad habits and embarrassing childhood tales.