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Well, this isn't necessarily a general philosophy at OSR, but as far as The NT Insider is concerned, it's the real deal.

Every other month, you can look forward to reading articles covering all sorts of system software topics.

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Click the image of The NT Insider to the left for the details, and the download link to use.Articles include: - Using Bus Interfaces for Driver to Driver Communication - The WDK Docs Improve Through Regular Releases - Understanding Evt Io Stop, Bugcheck 9F and Related SDV Errors - Load or Unload - Drive Letter Alternatives - Peter Pontificates: We Wah Heeya First ..more!Articles range from general topics like the "NT Drivers 101" series that ran a couple of years back to more specific topics such as "Understanding Evt Io Stop in WDF Drivers", "Driver to Driver Communications" or "Writing Bus Drivers". How about book reviews of subject matter that is pertinent to Windows system software developers and help-wanted pages? And don't forget the opportunity to read "Hints from Hector", the Q&A forum for those?nasty technical questions you've been dying to get answers on.If your Catholic faith is important to you and you wish to meet someone with similar values and be part of a real community of single Catholics, give Catholic a try. Catholic Match is not wholesome the men just want to sleep with the women.

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The January - February 2014 issue of The NT Insider is available exclusively in PDF format for download.

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