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That was a fan who doesn't even know him and is just making assumptions. saying she's not on their playlist didn't care for her before her game heckling performance WOW LOL ... No reporter said he had a girlfriend so stop with the lies. The couple has been dating for a number of months, reports said, although Durant first expressed interest in Wright in 2011."Maybe I need a basketball playing girlfriend…hmm lol…monica wright where r u?

Kevin Durant’s “girlfriend” Brittney Elena…David West’s wife Lesley West met him in college at after her sorority put on a step show.

Give it a rest when he gets serious with someone it will come out just like in the past with Monica and Ashley.

When it comes to Kevin Durant, there’s some real wackos out there.

I’m talking about women who want a piece of the man.

With high ratings from the specials, Discovery Health signed the couple to a reality series that aired beginning in April 2007, called Jon & Kate Plus 8, which documented their lives.

To produce the show, the family was filmed for three or four days per week.

Plus, let’s not forget that she’s smart and appears to love to have adventurous fun.

I think I’m in love with this 30-year-old native of the state of Washington.

She achieved national and international recognition on the US reality TV show Jon & Kate Plus 8, in which she and Jon Gosselin are profiled as they raise their atypical family of sextuplets and twins.

Following the birth of the sextuplets, Kate and Jon were featured in the NBC reality TV show Home Delivery when their home in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, was renovated to accommodate the large family.

The family was then featured in a special on Discovery Health in September 2005 entitled Surviving Sextuplets and Twins.