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The United Methodist Church is committed to preventing misconduct and addressing it when it occurs.Toward this end, the General Commission on the Status and Role of Women (GCSRW) has a website, UMSexual, to assist victims, local churches, annual conferences, and those accused of sexual misconduct.The article centers on Amy Mark and Mark Almlie, ordained pastors in the Evangelical Covenant Church, who both said that as they interviewed for various pastor positions, their singleness was looked at as problematic.

Is it harder to get a job as a Christian pastor if you're single?A recent New York Times article exploring this topic has created quite a response in the Christian community, with some saying that pastoral search committees should be marriage-minded and others saying just the opposite.On any normal Sunday, he’s perhaps the most active person in the church, preaching the word of God with passion and urging his members to win souls for Christ.But on Sunday 5 February, Rev Bentum sat quietly in his chair, his wife seated next to him.Is this a type of “singlism” coming to light or simply anecdotal evidence of a few pastoral job seekers having a tough time in a tight economy?

No matter what side you come down on, there’s little doubt that the article raised some larger questions about how the Christian community sometimes views those who are unmarried.As a single Christian myself, the claims made in the article spoke to the larger issue of singleness in the church.It’s an issue that I have wrestled with for most of the past 10 years.Adults have been sexually harassed by their pastor. Staff members have viewed pornographic material on their church computer.When it happens congregations are divided, families devastated, and careers derailed.Reverend Bentum, a lecturer at the University of Ghana, came to church donning neatly-sewn overall – and rightly so – because it was a big day for him.