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Filming kissing scene with Janine Zhang was very funny, with Cyndi, we would just throw things all over, there was most feeling; as for Dayuan…maybe it was just puppy-love type so there wasn’t much feeling…aiyoh~ filming kissing scenes felt the same, just two pieces of flesh stick together, all the same.” Although Mike He and Dayuan did not have any private acquaintances, their family background are quite similar, Dayuan who lives with her mother transfers her earnings directly into her mother’s account, taking an allowance of 20K a month, with her mother planning on the expenditures like housing.

Meanwhile, Mike He also takes up the responsibility of the family’s expenfiture, talking about the hardship of supporting the family, they both feel greatly.

And that led to some hate sex IRL later on, which led to love.

Many diehard fans express sadness on hearing the news that he has chosen Grace Chow instead of themselves.Ex-girlfriends Selina from SHE and Rainie Yang has since been crying a river since they too were not selected.They dated while attending Hua Gang High School of Performing Arts.They broke up after two and a half year of relationship but they are still best friends.Mike He who will be 30 years old this year reveals for the first time, “confirmed that I will be enlisted latest by early next year.” He expresses that because his parents are not working, his brother graduated from masters just entered the society, sister still in university, his own house plus the housing mortgage at home, a sum of 400K expenditure a month is totally dependent on him.

“Since young, my parents brought me up, I am the eldest son, and I have some ability, of course, I must take care of my family, hoping that they can live better.”“If I can I hope to finish the housing mortgage as soon as possible, I have many responsibilities on shoulder, I can’t say if I don’t like working I just don’t work, I am making the income now, maybe people think that we are making more money, but even if it is alot, it won’t be more than corporate bosses type, no time and can’t afford to stop to enjoy the fruits.” When asked about the enlistment problem, he frankly explained, working hard for work, hoping that when he was in army, his family would be well-taken care of.“To me, in my memory, I think I just entered the ebiz, and 10 years is just gone like that.” Revealing that he is now single, Mike He admits that he really wants a girlfriend, hoping that he can get married before 35 years old,”friends around me are those whom I know for more than 8,9 years, I haven’t made new girl-friends for very long, even people in the ebiz are just work interactions, hard to have private interactions.

As for love, Chrissie will allow it to naturally take its course in her life.

But it appears that Chrissie is naturally gifted when it comes to love!

According to her, he’s This Taiwanese singer was connected to many attractive men and it’s hard to distinguish real relationships between all those rumors.

One thing, that is 100% confirmed – Xiao Gui was her very first boyfriend.

In 2014, she’s in the relationships with Prince (Qiu Wang Zi).