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Joannie Rochette (born January 13, 1986) is a Canadian figure skater.She is the 2010 Olympic bronze medalist, the 2009 World silver medalist, the 20 Four Continents silver medalist, the 2004 Grand Prix Final bronze medalist, and a six-time (2005–10) Canadian national champion. On February 21, 2010, two days before the beginning of ladies' figure skating competition at the winter Olympics in Vancouver, her mother, Thérèse Rochette, died of a heart attack at age 55 at Vancouver General Hospital after arriving to watch her compete; Rochette chose to remain in the competition and skate in her mother's honour.He published an important sequence with Charentien- MTA-A and MTA-B, Castelperonnian, Aurignacian : C14: 36-29 k.a.) followed by a Gravettian with Noailles burins and traces of Solutrean on the top of the sequence.

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Famous examples are the three strata at La Gravette, the Abri Le Poisson, Le Facteur, Trou de la Chèvre, Roc de Combe (Lot), Laussel, and Abri Pages at Ruth, Roc de Combe Capelle and the couche J at La Ferrassie.Further North, wonderful large Gravettes were found at Les Cottes (Vienne) and at some Belgian sites (Station de l’Hermitage à Huccorgne and at Spy for example).This is a large Gravette(8cm long) from the La Rochette rock shelter, introduced during earlier posts.a La Rochette is an Abri, situated near Le Moustier, which was almost completely destroyed by various ”excavators” (among them the infamous Otto Hauser). Delporte worked on what was left during the early 1960ies.However, she accidentally becomes trapped in Earth's atmosphere and begins to transform into a hideous monster.

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