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Though not directly related, the two sets of statistics above can be viewed as two sides of the same coin.

Americans are increasingly finding it harder and harder to build wealth as their disposable income shrinks.

As I left, I thought about all the ways that I take credit cards for granted.

I sighed, reached into my wallet and asked if I could just pay by cash instead.The checker flipped off the switch, took my money and I left Wal Mart (thankfully) with my purchases.A romance scam, dating scam or catfishing is a swindle where someone tries to lure another into giving them money through a dating site, email romance, or otherwise dating-related contact.If you are concerned that you are currently being scammed, please check the Signs of a Dating Scam, first.We understand that forming an entity may seem complicated and confusing, which is why it’s important to have professionals walking you through each step … We take the time to listen to your ideas and plans, so that we can develop customized asset protection strategies for your business.

We eliminate the confusion by assisting you in building a solid structure that will give you advanced asset protection, privacy and legal compliance.

Understanding why you need protection as a business owner is the first step to creating a solid foundation for your business.

Forming an entity creates separation between you and your business, ensuring that your personal assets cannot be taken and you cannot be held liable for debts incurred by your business.

"NCH has filled all our varied needs at all times and we highly recommend them.

In our dealings with NCH, they have guided us through many steps of incorporation and ultimately have given sound advice and references to seasoned tax professionals.

I wondered what happened to cause the delay at Wal Mart that day and that got me asking “how do credit cards work?