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Her Mom is from Brazil and her dad is from Canada so she grew up travelling a lot.At the moment she splits her time between Lewisham with her mother, and Los Angeles with boyfriend.

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According to recent reports, La Beouf has been arrested for criminal trespass and misconduct after causing a disruption at a New York City theater. The pair, who are seven years apart in age have been dating since late 2012.We’ve all heard of his embarrassing conduct so could this be hitting rock bottom for the actor? He said to have fallen for his Nymphomaniac co-star as they worked on the controversial Lars Von Trier movie, in which the two purportedly had un-simulated sex during filming.As the actor stages his latest performance art stunt, we track his eventful life: The actor is accused of stealing lyrics from a rap crew when he performed "freestyle".A video of La Beouf , in which the Transformers star is seen shirtless and spitting while energetically rapping, went viral.Some time later, with his backpack back in his possession, La Beouf makes a chilling statement en route to the airport.

“If I’d have stayed there, I would have killed her,” he says.

Though we love a good romantic story, we admit that we weren’t too sorry to hear when he and Miley split because this is a guy we want to stay on the market!

Colton’s boyish good looks and charming personality make it no surprise that his original claim to fame was as an Abercrombie & Fitch model.

But the trolls only said, "Challenge accepted." Rihanna and Jay Z turned heads with their courtside style at Game 1 of the 2017 NBA Finals in Oakland.

The music superstars join the ranks of famous basketball fans who use their fashionable front-row seats for a little extra exposure, including Kylie Jenner, Chrissy Teigen, David Beckham, Drake, Justin Bieber, Adam Levine, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.

He continued to make headlines as he and Miley became engaged to one another and when he played a starring role in the popular The Hunger Games film series.