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As it contains many bug fixes and improvements over the outdated versions the phone and tablet manufacturers use, it may solve your sync errors. You might have encountered a data issue in the calendar system.

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Afterwards, the Android calendar synchronization system will upload the changes to your calendar server (Google Calendar, or Exchange).

But sometimes your device can experience a sync error, leading to problems with uploading and refreshing your calendar data.

Therefore, if an email message requests such information, it was sent by a cybercriminal. Recipients of the fake email message, who were already tricked by it into sending the cybercrimes their email account user names and passwords, should change their email account passwords immediately before their accouts are hijacked.

From: Outlook Team Bearly Read [email protected]: Saturday, September 3, 2016 PM To: Outlook Team Subject: Email Alert Windows Live Hotmail - click on '' Show content'' above if you wish to get a better html view Welcome to Hotmail The efficient way to do email Windows Live Account Authentication: Dear Hotmail Account User, This message is from Hotmail Customer care messaging center, to all Hotmail account owners.

- How To-Outlook Thanks for the reply, but the solution you link to doesn't work for me.

Issue seems to be that I already removed the outlook connector and my Hotmail account details a few times trying to fix this some days ago, and now I cant re-add the account without being forced down the Hotmail connector route. I`ve tried adding the account as a standard exchange account and outlook 2010 refuses - it tries to force me to download the Hotmail connector, which of course doesn't work any more!

And, the recipients need to authenticate their accounts in order to prove that they are humans in order to prevent permanent closure, is a phishing scam.

The fake email message was sent by cybercriminal to frighten and trick the recipients to click the link within it, which goes to a phishing website (a fake Windows Live, Hotmail or Outlook website) that steals usernames and passwords.

We are currently upgrading our data base servers, and e-mail account center.

We are deleting all unused Hotmail accounts to create more space for new accounts.

I have the outlook Hotmail connector installed on my work machine (On outlook 2010), and I also have outlook 2016 (which connects to natively) on my home machine.