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Only active members who are interested in hosting meetups which are free/donation based will be considered (IE: No speed-dating, etc.).

If you're interested in hosting, please say hello to an organizer at our next event. If you have a business and would like to be a sponsor, please contact the organizer directly, and do not solicit individual members. They are here to enjoy the event as much as you are!

I was so excited about the Vegan Street Fair Los Angeles.

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Come eat delicious food, share your passions, and meet new people. Brian Grupe is an affable, sharp-looking, single 27-year-old. That was before he was handed one of those notoriously graphic anti-meat leaflets — the type filled with pictures of overcrowded chicken coops, lacerated cattle, and other heart-wrenching images that make a person want to forego hamburgers forever.Today he even works as a regional coordinator for Vegan Outreach, the company that produced the diet-changing pamphlet.By his own account, when Grupe first went vegan, he also assumed an abrasive, alienating attitude toward meat-eaters. "But it was making me unhappy, and making people around me unhappy at times." Grupe has since relaxed his aggressive stance, and while in his "angry vegan" days he restricted his dating pool to other vegans, he said now he's more concerned with finding someone who's open-minded, regardless of what's on the other end of their fork.Other wise this will affects your website negatively.

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Grupe was one of 42 singles who came to the Saturn Cafe (2175 Allston Way, Berkeley) for the debut of Veg Speed Dating, a new dating series for herbivores organized by local event planner Karine Brighten via her eco-friendly event-planning firm, Karine Brighten Events.

The events follow the standard speed-dating formula, minus meat: thirty minutes of drinking and mingling followed by a handful of very brief "dates," after which participants mark off potential matches on a form.

Still, he found himself at an event last August built around a series of five-minute dates with twenty or so fellow vegans and vegetarians.

Contrary to the images such a scenario may conjure, this was not the makings of some veggie-fueled orgy.

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